What Is Mouth Wound? (AFT)

What Is Mouth Wound? (AFT)

Intraoral Wound

The answer to what is aphthae is the painful ulcers in the mouth, often surrounded by a pale yellow-red halo on the cheek and lip mucosa, tongue, soft palate, pharynx, gum. 18-20% of society is faced with more or less aft problem. It is more common in women. Although aphtha usually behaves as one, it can be seen in several regions at the same time.

A lot of research has been made to define the reason for the accruement of the Aft. However, although many factors have been found to accelerate the formation of aphthae and which worsen the course, the cause of its occurrence has not been determined.

For this reason, it is possible to mention the factors that accelerate the development of aphthae and delay the recovery.


Which factors are important in formation of aphta lesion.


Amongst the causes of many diseases such as migraine, high blood pressure and gastritis, the accepted stress is one of the most important causes of aphthae.
Premenstrual tension (premenstrual period) in women is also a factor accelerating the formation of aphthae.


Citrus fruits, vinegar, pickles, potato chips, salty and spicy cookies such as food that may irritate the oral mucosa are among the important factors to accelerate the formation of aphthae. soy, tomatoes, some eggplant, apples, figs, cheese, etc.


The cheek tongue helps to create a suitable floor for lip bite, irritation of hard foods and non-soft toothbrushes, and humps caused by poorly adapted prostheses.



”Sodium lauryl sulhate) (SLS) is an irritating chemical that increases the destruction of mucosal cells. SLS has a direct effect on the formation of aphthae by this feature.
Especially for people who have an aphthous problem, toothpastes containing SLS containing less (1.25%) are produced. (Tom .s of Maine Natural Toothpaste, Oral-B Sensitive Fluoride Toothpaste.)


Behcet ‘s Disease: Genital ulcer, conjunctivitis, retinitis, such as lokocytosis, as well as many systemic symptoms in the mouth of the recurrent aphasia is manifested with a disease.
Recurrent aphthae may be seen with many malignant and autoimmune diseases.


Vitamin B12 and iron deficiency, smoking, tobacco chewing habits are also known to be important factors contributing to the formation of aphthae.


How İs The Mouth Wound Treated?


The answer to the question of what is the aphtha treatment is the shortest condition as follows: Although no treatment is applied, usually 7-10 days after spontaneous recovery. It is possible for those who are faced with the problem of aphid to have a more comfortable period when they apply one or more of the following:

To reduce pain and shorten the recovery period:
Hot, acidic and irritating food should be avoided.

Oxide 2% hydrogen peroxide ile solution can be cleaned with a cotton swab or gauze.
It can be applied on a fine cream aft prepared from water and carbonate mixture.
Half a glass of half a spoon of salt can be gargled three times a day with the solution obtained by adding the solution,
Before meals, krem ​​xylocaine ”solution may be applied to the aphthous region or anesthetic creams prepared for the mouth.

Intra-oral creams such as ”orabase”, ”Gly-oxide“, ”Cankaid ly,” Ambesol ab can be applied on the aphtha.
The yapılabilir sucralfate suda tablet can be melted in warm water and gargled.
Especially in the beginning phase, the eller tetracycline fazla tablet is dissolved in water to gargle with the solution obtained to prevent overgrowth and reduce pain.

In the initial phase of the aphthae, a topical steroid af 0.1% triamcinalone “in the region or gargling with a steroid gargle da betamethasone syrup ye prevents overgrowth of the aphthae and reduces pain.
Tır Chlorhexadine alar mouthwashes shorten the recovery period.
12,500 units of c nystatin “, 1.25 mg” diphenhydramine mg, and 0.25 mg / m atin hydrocortisone 00 mixture prepared with olarak tetracycline ’syrup can be used as la shotgun” solution.


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